RB Glass: add-on glass balustrade for increased safety

RB Glass: add-on glass balustrade for increased safety

High rise residential buildings with full glass solutions without balconies are a worldwide seen architectural trend. As safety cannot been jeopardized by transparency and design, Reynaers developed its new balustrade RB Glass.

RB Glass is an add-on glass balustrade for window areas in high rise buildings. Even without balconies, you can now safely open your windows or sliding doors to enjoy an unobstructed view. The RB Glass solution is very flexible since it is applicable to a wide range of our window and door systems (Concept System and MasterLine 8), and our sliding systems (Concept Patio and Hi-Finity).

Dedicated test results prove that RB Glass can hold glass panes up to 21,5 mm thick (1010.4), with a maximum span of 2000 mm. Different assembly possibilities are fully documented to be compatible with building connections from all around the world.

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