With its CS 86-HI system, Reynaers has made a significant impact on the safety and stability standards of performance for windows and doors. The system has already established itself as a worthy competitor on the international market. It is a highly insulated system for windows and doors and meets the highest requirements concerning safety and stability.

The system’s insulation concept not only ensures its extreme stability and its elevated water- and air tightness, but also makes it perfectly suitable for triple glass applications. The overall insulation value of the system’s HI+ variant goes down to Uf values of 1.0 W/m²K, while the frame/vent section with 117 mm visible width has a Uf value of 1.4 W/m²K, making it one of the most energy efficient systems available.

As an answer to the design needs for entrance doors, this system includes a double panelled door with panels glued both on the inside and the outside. In dimensions of 2500 x 1100mm and its slim 3mm aluminium panels with 30mm PU insulation it makes for a very sleek contemporary design. The hinges are completely invisible, adding to the design appeal. The door can be equipped with an integrated door closer and can be fitted with a finger scanner for controlled access to your building. A spy glass window can optionally be integrated in the door.  This design entrance door can be equipped with Reynaers’ beautifully styled PuRity door handles.

Beside this extension, the CS 86-HI system is also available in a versatile pivot window that offers both horizontal and vertical pivoting solutions with invisible integrated hinges in a 2500 x 900mm frame. It carries maximum weights of 200kg for the horizontal pivot and 160 kg for the vertical pivot. As with the double-panelled doors, the pivot window supports PuRity handles.

With regard to safety, CS 86-HI can comply with burglar resistance classes 2 and 3, offering ultimate levels of security.

To ensure the use of triple glazing, anti-burglar glass or very large glass panes, dedicated fittings are available. This allows for very high glass weights of up to 300 kg for turn windows and 200 kg for turn-tilt designs.

The CS 86-HI system also achieved the MINERGIE® component label. This reputable Swiss product label recognizes Reynaers for its efforts in the field of sustainability. For the architect, owner, fabricator and builder the use of certified and tested MINERGIE labelled products offers more comfort and eases the road towards this sustainability objective. They can rely on the quality of these certified products and save substantial time and costs by eliminating the calculations that are required to obtain building certifications. Adopting such low-energy concepts results in future-proof solutions towards a cleaner, greener planet.

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