The Curtain Wall 86-BR (breathable) is an extension of the well-known CW 86 curtain wall. In major building projects such as for hospitals, office blocks or schools, the choice of floor plan, materials, building shell and facade design all have a significant influence on the buildings’ ultimate performance. Facade design is a key factor for effective building management, thermal efficiency, acoustic performance, and ease of maintenance. Reynaers has combined these properties in its recently launched 'breathing' façade, the CW 86-BR. 

CW 86-BR is a double layer facade, consisting of double glazing on the inside and single glazing on the outside. The single glazing can be mounted either with a structural sealant or with glazing beads. This choice largely determines the design of the facade. The glass of the structural sealed (SG/VEC) variant is structurally bonded, offering a complete glass surface at the outside of the building, while the option with glazing beads gives a grid effect on the building’s surface.

The main advantage of a breathing facade is that it prevents condensation, by equalising the relative humidity in the CW 86-BR’s 'breathing' cavity with the external relative humidity.  

The breathing cavity can accommodate venetian blinds of between 25 and 35 mm wide. By motorising the control of the blinds and windows, building management is simplified through system that automatically controls the indoor climate of the building. It can let in additional fresh air through filter elements when this is desired, or allow more or less sunlight into the building.

With the CW 86-BR’s blinds enclosed in a cavity and therefore effectively isolated between two panels of glass, maintenance costs are substantially reduced and hygiene improved as disruptions to the functioning of the blinds are prevented. The use of multiple glass panels also promotes thermal insulation and enhances acoustics; important factors for hospitals, schools and office buildings.

Different types of windows, doors and sun screening systems can be seamlessly integrated with the CW 86-BR, while motorised solutions for the control of opening elements, such as top hung and parallel opening windows, provide a total solution for the building’s facade.

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